Nathan lives in Chicago where he continues to work extensively as an actor. His captivating, often incendiary characters have touched audiences for several years. Always striving to create honest and unique portraits of humanity, he continues to fearlessly display his wit, charm, and passion.

Upcoming Appearances

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Nathan will be directing a whip-smart and shocking version of a classic tale of lust, love, horror, and the depravity which lurks within us all for Idle Muse Theatre Company in Chicago

Fall 2014

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The lead role of Richard III, played by Nathan Pease, was eerily convincing, right down to the physical deformity and incessant sliminess of character. The lead in this production was by far the most impressive of the entire cast, with a cackle to make your skin crawl, a smile almost as slick as his hair, and a serpentine glare intense enough to make you look away in panic. — Heather Guith, The Uncommon Sense

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